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For almost 25 years, weil engineering has been offering laser welding machines for the production of short tubes.  The focus here is on laser welding machines for thin-walled tubes with a material thickness of 0.1 – 3.0 mm and a length of up to 2000 mm. More than 150 lasers could so far be integrated into our machines. Based on this experience, the first weil engineering laser coiljoiner was developed in 2007 – the Coiljoiner S.

This machine has successfully been integrated into an inspection line in the industrial packaging sector of one of the leading steel companies in Europe. Since then, the coiljoiner has been running in 3-shift operation to the complete satisfaction of our customer. Due to the success of this pilot project, follow-up projects could be initiated, e.g. the subsequent integration of a Coiljoiner S into a slitting line, installed at one of the world´s largest manufacturer of electrical steel sheets.

High-quality joints by laser cutting and innovative clamping technology

Ideal weld seam preparation by laser cutting!
Precise joining geometry over the whole strip width thanks to the sophisticated clamping design!

Your advantage: Laser cutting

  • No wear of the cutting tool
  • Square and oxide-free cutting edges over the whole strip width and thickness
  • Constant cutting quality, independent of the material
  • No cutting defects – no seam undercut – no strip breakages

Clamping design

  • Allows very precise clamping of thin strips
  • Automatic strip centering
  • Clamping and joining of different sheet thicknesses possible